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Municipal Market By The Numbers

$3.9 Trillion
Capital Market
1 Million
Outstanding Municipal Securities
$448 Billion
New Securities Issued Each Year
$11 Billion
Par Traded Every Day
More than 70% of infrastructure funded through Municipal Bonds.

Our Vision

There has been a massive shift in the Financial Industry over the past few years. The change is taking place right now, and the tech-focused players are shaping the future of the finance industry, particularly, in municipal debt financing. Those who do not adopt technology will lose. The current system of public debt financing runs on paper, and for most people not familiar with the technology, the terms automation, blockchain and machine learning may seem cryptic. But the fact is, the lack of awareness of these disruptive technologies is not indicative of their importance. Data is the lifeblood of any modern organization, and trust is the currency of engagement. We believe that an exceptionally engineered business process, intelligent analytics platform, and democratic public ledgers — not marble office buildings on Wall St — are the cornerstones of establishing trust. We harness the power of data, employ machine Intelligence and utilize blockchain to give issuers a clear path to reduce cost. We firmly believe in Simplifying the way bonds are issued, sold and traded. However, a complex system of regulations, closed financial institutions, and inaccessible public debt issuance can seem daunting and at a time overwhelming to a new investor. We believe that by offering a platform that is simple, focused and immediately apparent, we can achieve transparency and bring fairness to the Municipal market. Our goal is to provide an extraordinary experience for Investors and Issuers to find, evaluate and transact effortlessly.

Our Understanding

Municipal bonds are essential for funding the construction of schools, roads, utilities, public buildings, hospitals, and other public infrastructure. However, it remains complex, paper-driven and dominated by large financial institutions. It is difficult to obtain in-depth financial information on municipal Issuers and compare them over an extended period. Paper-laden, manually intensive processes are prevalent, and Issuers lack the right tools to find and compare the best fund raising opportunities.

State of the Market

Municipal Bonds Market has not changed for a long time. The problem is a lack of transparency and the complexity of financial instruments. Underwriters and institutional investors nexus prevent individual investors from having access to lucrative bonds, which leads to lower liquidity. Overall, the Municipal Market is illiquid, and transaction costs are high, price adjustment is slow, different buyers pay different prices for the same bond and bonds are overly complicated.


Uneven Playing Field

Prominent participants unfairly benefit from this opacity at the expense of municipalities and small investors. The municipal bond market continues to be inefficient with borrowers and investors paying billions each year in unnecessary fees, transaction costs, and interest expenses. The cost of borrowing varies widely.

Our Solution

We believe that high performing municipal bonds should be accessible to retail investors in the primary market. We’ve designed a modernized solution that simplifies the issuance process and makes it easier to connect municipal issuers to investors. We see a unique opportunity to disrupt this market by empowering issuers and investors through technological advances and democratize the process.

$16.28 Billion in Combined Outstanding Bonds