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Bond Intelligence is an AI quantitative analytics provider for institutional fixed income capital markets. Bond Intelligence provides data aggregation solutions and comprehensive suite of AI algorithms for bond pricing, trade workflow automation, pre-trade signals and market surveillance.

It's all about data

A market data and Intelligence system with unique protocols to appropriately expand access to critical institutional pricing information while incrementally improving the quality of pre-trade data. Our solution is specifically designed to enhance institutional liquidity by creating an architecture that can work collaboratively with other technologies.

More Data

Allows you to do a better job selecting the optimal securities for a given strategy and client mandate.

Timely Data

So you can spot opportunities faster and provide better returns on the securities. Know First, Act Faster!

Data History

Predictive analytics helps you predict the future, enabling you to spot opportunities even earlier.

AI Powered 2D/3D Rel-Val

Relative value is a method of determining an asset's worth that takes into account the value of similar assets. This is in contrast with absolute value, which looks only at an asset's intrinsic value and does not compare it to other assets.

• Bond Issuer

Collate your numerous data sources into a single-stop portal for a comprehensive and elevated bond issuance experience. Infuse your issuance process with machine learning insights.

• Buy/Sell Side Traders

Add our robust live Auto-Ex pricing for reliable no-touch execution for your client flow business. Optimize hit-ratio with Margin Optimization model interoperable via FIX API.

• Institutional Investors

Enhance your pre-trade price discovery process and boost confidence in your transaction cost analysis. Score, screen and rank the best fixed income choices for your portfolio.

Zoom, Pinch, Select. Try it out!

Boost your Performance • Faster opportunity identification • Portfolio optimization • Better strategy alignment • Maximize investment performance
• Benchmark comparison

Core Platform

    Data Exploration: Access many realtime and historical datasets in one place.

    Business Intelligence: Filter and visualize the characteristics and values of data based on your needs.

    Data Analytics: Built in mathematical and statistical analysis with easy user customization.

Benchmark Vs. Strategy

    Sales & Marketing: One touch performance summary generation for customer communication & sales.

    Performance Evaluation: Realtime and historical performance comparison of your strategy/portfolio/asset relative to a benchmark.

    Strategy Compliance: Asset allocation (performance, risk) in comparison with the portfolio's target strategy.

Intelligent Insights

Finder: Automatically generated recommendations of securities based on value and risk, refreshed every 30 seconds.

Value Visualizer: Visually explore the fixed income universe utilizing advanced modeling techniques, identify the securities you want.

Portfolio Optimizer/Visualizer: Visually evaluate your portfolio based on value and risk.

Value Propositons

Low Transaction Costs

Cutting edge prediction algorithms and market making to eliminate bid-ask spread.

Accurate Theme Exposure

Cross market activity leveraged to correctly identify replacement bonds.

Thematic Corporate Bond

Diversified exposure to themes across sectors, ratings and geographies.


In-house liquidity prediction algorithms for accurate tracking.

Straight through execution

Automated order management and portfolio management on exchanges.

Artificial Intelligence

Bond Intelligence uses deep learning to address bond illiquidity and high bid-ask spreads.

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