1. Improve your credit rating through transparency: Credit rating agencies can’t rate what they can’t see.  These agencies heavily rely on clear, easily identifiable information to provide a credit rating.  This is attested by the Haas Institue: http://haasinstitute.berkeley.edu/sites/default/files/haasinstitute_doublybound_creditratings_april11_publish.pdf .  Our platform lets you share the data and documents and giving you the control to tell your story.


  1. Access big issuer tools for a fraction of the cost:
    Bigger issuers can afford services; that may be beyond reach of smaller issuers. Our platform democratizes access to these tools.  Once on the Bond Intelligence platform, you will have access to same services and tools as the Big Issuers.http://gfoa.org/website-posting-financial-documentshttp://www.gfoa.org/maintaining-investor-relations-program


  1. Access to a community of Financial Officials & Experts across North America:  Our network of issuers provide a support system that helps guide you through the bond issuance process. Having the ability to contact issuers with a similar borrowing profile shares the learnings while reducing issuance time and cost.


  1. Dramatically reduce time, effort and cost of issuance:  With automation, analytics and improved workflow, we will reduce human error, improve compliance, and lower the cost of issuance. The HaaS institute surveyed over 800 bond issuance to identify the disparity of costs across America. http://haasinstitute.berkeley.edu/sites/default/files/haasinstituterefundamerica_doublybound_cost_of_issuingbonds_publish.pdf


  1. Know the pulse of your citizens without the costly surveys:  Bond Intelligence offers surveys restricted to selected jurisdictions with analytics to better understand your constituents and their needs. This data can be used an effective tool for bond proposals. See our sample survey today at: https://radiatorsprings.investorstownhall.com/?page_id=33.


  1. Your Information Readable By Investors and their Machines:  More and more investors are turning to machines to shift through data to find the next issuer to invest with.  Standards of information sharing are rapidly changing. Bond Intelligence ensure information is pushed to investors and their machines.  Here’s a couple of articles which describe how the industry is evolving:
    1. https://www.xbrl.org/news/sec-ai-needs-machine-readable-data/
    2. https://www.sec.gov/news/speech/speech-bauguess-050318


  1. Band together and get the economy of scale:  Coming together with other issuers you increase more investors will be able to find your bonds.  When banks and investors compete for your issuance:https://www0.gsb.columbia.edu/faculty/aang/papers/THP%20ANG-GREEN%20DiscusPape_Feb2011.pdf


  1. Control Your Narrative to Investors:  More and more investors are on the internet looking for investment opportunities.  The internet has a vast amount of information with varying credibility. Control your narrative on the source which investors and their machines rely on.


  1. Insights & Reports without the high costs:  Bond Intelligence offers premium features to help issuers identify Arbitrate Rebate, Sentiment Analysis, and more to provide.  Paid premium features will be coming in 2019. Premium features that use Data Analytics offered at a competitive market price.


    10. Cut the cost of issuance by half:  Bond Intelligence upcoming blockchain based issuance platform along with the    savings as mentioned above can lower the cost of issuance by half