Our Mission

“We are on a mission to democratize the fixed income research and trading.”


Our Story

After working for over a decade in some of the world’s largest financial institutions and a few stints at startups, Ajit began to realize how far behind the fixed income market was in adopting modern technology. Ajit started brainstorming with longtime friends from the industry and quickly zeroed in on lack of high-quality research and expensive trading as the biggest problem, holding the market back. The fixed-income market is complex, opaque, and inefficient, remains spreadsheet-driven, and dominated by large financial institutions. Inefficiency and anomalies in the market are due to the lack of an integrated system, which ultimately lowers the trust in the fixed-income market.

The idea to integrate fixed income research and trading was seeded. It was the one idea that would keep Ajit awake at night, it would not leave him alone, and the startup was born. Ajit realized he needed help with Big Data and Machine Learning, which lead him to reach out and partner with Paul and Victor. Following in-depth research of the market and after consulting with industry experts and insiders. They realized the opportunity was way more enormous than they could have imagined. At that point, the idea transformed into Bond Intelligence Inc. As the plan began to unfold, Ajit needed additional help in data science and machine learning. Ajit reached out to a longtime friend Ani, who was in a postgraduate data science program at the University of Washington. Ani would connect Ajit with Julius from the business school and Franky from the data science program. Ajit collaborated with Tim at Computational Finance and Risk Management and Barnet on the Fixed Income Market. Eventually, experts and industry insiders Abhi, Mike, Tim, Barnet, Marc, and Kyle would join Bond Intelligence Inc.


Our Values

Fairness, Transparency, and Honesty


Establishing Trust

We are a team of finance professionals, engineers, and data scientists, and we hold the products we craft to the highest standard. We believe that the most valuable insights must derive from the market, behavioral, fundamental, and alternative data by applying technologies such as artificial intelligence and simulation at the intersection of different disciplines. Data is a means to improving trust in the market. Trust is the currency of engagement. We strongly believe that exceptionally engineered predictive models, artificial intelligence, self-serve simulation, real-time SSBIT, and algorithmic pricing — not marble office buildings on Wall St — are the cornerstones of establishing trust.



Today there is a complex system of regulation, closed financial institutions, and inaccessible securities information that can seem daunting to a trader or investor who is trying to evaluate a fixed income instrument. Investment firms are looking for alternative analysis seeking differentiated Insights. Making evaluation simple, focused, and immediately apparent and walking through the complete decision-making and trading process is hard work. But we believe that by sticking to this goal, we can make something extraordinary for traders and investors to unlock the gains from untapped Alpha.


Our Locations

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Contact: info@bondintelligence.us


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